5 tips for clearer, healthier skin

5 tips for clearer, healthier skin

It is everybody’s desire to have clear and healthy skin. The skin is the outermost layer of the body which protects all underlying tissues. We need to protect our skin and this will help us to remain healthy. Most people do not know how they can keep their skins clear and healthy. Luckily, this article will address the 5 top tips for clearer and healthier skin.

Avoid touching your face

Among other parts of the skin, the face is the most sensitive of them all. Every time we are out there, our hands come into contact with germs and bacteria, not forgetting possible viruses. We touch everything and we shake hands with people almost every time. To avoid transferring the germs to your skin, avoid regular touching of your face. If you keep touching your face, you may end up damaging it and being infected. Protect it by avoiding touch all the time.

Avoid popping pimples

At times, you will realise that your skin has developed occasional pimples. These pimples may appear ripe with blood or pulse. This may tempt you to pop them and get rid of them. This is not advisable because they may damage the skin by leaving scars and the pimples can even multiply and this is not good for your skin. 

Wash your face regularly and after sweating

You should develop a culture of washing your face at least twice a day and after you sweat. After bathing in the morning, you will apply lotion and other products that you use. When they accumulate in your skin, it is advisable to clean so that you can remain fresh. The skin will be free from chemicals and sweat when you regularly wash it and it will keep you healthy all the time. 

Always wear sunscreen 

Sunscreen protects your skin from dangerous ultra violet rays of the sun. The sun is hot all the time and may emit dangerous rays capable of damaging your skin sooner or later. To avoid such extents of damage, it is advisable to always apply sunscreen and you will protect your skin. You will not burn; have cracks and other effects that come from not wearing sunscreen.


In conclusion, there are many benefits that come with protected skin. If you can follow the advice of this article, your skin will always remain healthy and clear. Instead of choosing just one of the tips, combine them and you will be in a better position to care for your skin.

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