How to dress for your body shape

How to dress for your body shape

Different people have different body shapes. The manner in which we dress determines the kind of esteem we feel from the inside. Having a different body shape from other people is not a bad thing. Whether your body is bigger or small than that of other people, you need a descent style of dressing to match your body shape. This article will show how you can dress for your body shape. 

If you have a big tummy, choose loose clothes not tight ones

If you happen to have a big tummy, always choose loose tops in the place of tight ones. Avoid wearing the tight ones because they will try to portray like your tummy is unusually big. When you are passing by, people will think that you have dressed in an abnormal way or that your tummy is very big. When you notice that you are getting the attention of everyone, you will feel very bad about yourself and probably about your dressing. To avoid all that, you are supposed to dress in loose clothes and especially the tops. 

Flared pants are better than skinny ones

If you walk around, you will realise that people wearing skinny pants don’t look very good especially when they have big bodies. They are somehow showcasing the various features of their bodies if at all they don’t have long tops or t shirts. This can keep them very uncomfortable especially when people keep on staring at them. To avoid all these embarrassments, you are advised to wear flared pants.

For inverted pyramid shoulders, avoid skinny pants

If your shoulders have the shape on an inverted pyramid, always wear loose pants to make you look balanced. This shape of shoulders can be present in both men and women. To look balanced in your attire, be sure to put on pants that are loose because tight ones will portray you in an abnormal shape. 

Avoid belts that pinch your waist

Whether you have a big or small body, you will need to use a belt from time to time. That belt can bring out looking great or otherwise. If you are big, avoid belts that pinch your waist because it looks like you are being separated into two. You look like the upper part of your body is being separated at the lower abdomen. 


To conclude, this article shows that we are the ones who choose how we will appear by the clothes we wear. Different clothes make us look different and that is something we should learn. If the study the article, you will note that not all clothes make us look great and we should know the ones that match with the shape of our bodies. 

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