Is reading the perfect way to escape?

Is reading the perfect way to escape?

Reading books can be a form of escape from your current reality. In most cases, books will carry themes that inspire you regardless of what you are going through at the moment. A good book can be very rewarding to your imagination. It will help you to escape reality at least as long as reading lasts. In this article, we will discuss how reading is a perfect way of escape.

Books can inspire you to overcome challenges

In most cases, people go through challenges without knowing a possible remedy. Some of them just need an encounter with a good book and their lives are transformed completely. When you read a good book, you can get motivated enough to overcome the problems that you are going through. Books are like lanterns which shed the required light for your transformation. 

Books can help you escape the reality of your life and exalt you

Have you ever been carried away by the reading of a good book? The flow of ideas and the concepts of the stories therein can expose you to higher dimension. Other times you read a book and you get lost in imagination and meditation. During that retreat moment, you can at least forget the current situation and maybe the storms you may be going through in your life. 

Books are sources of healing

You can escape pain, anxiety, stress and depression with a good book encounter. Just like drugs, books have the ability to release healing sensations and transform your life completely. You will at times read a healing book that is a testimony in nature. You may read a story of somebody who was in your current situation or even worse and later overcame. What that does is to give you hope and doses of motivation. By the time you realise, your mind and soul will be healed and you will triumph. 

Books are channels of exposure

When you come across a good book, it will expose you to higher dimensions. There are books written in order to help you overcome the problems in your life. If you can be lucky enough to come across such books, you will definitely be able to get exposed. Some books will teach you how other people in different parts of the world live and you will never be the same again. You have changed for the better and probably were the solution you were looking for.  


In conclusion, you will never lose anything when reading books. Apart from being channels of knowledge, every book you read will take you on a journey that transforms you in one way or the other. You can never read a book and remain the same.

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