My favourite things about Spring

My favourite things about Spring

To me, Spring sounds like a new release from being bound. This is the same feeling for most people and it seems like they were released from a dungeon. Having waited for three seasons is not an easy thing. Summer, therefore, comes with a lot of expectations and my desire is to do so many things in that season and so is the dream of many people. In this article, I will discuss my favourite things about summer. 

Eating watermelon slices and ice cream

I am always looking forward to the cooling effect that cold slices of watermelon bring to me on hot summer season. Almost every day, I will have at least a bite of the watermelon. I love the way juicy slices drip their water as I enjoy the sun. In the same way, I enjoy eating ice cream as it gives me the kind of satisfaction that I have been looking for in the past months.

Nostalgic watching of movies

By the summer season, I already ensure that I have a list of hot movies and television series to watch. I take summer as a holiday and these movies are something I have been yearning for a long time. Watching them in summer brings me satisfaction and I feel much fulfilled. 

Staying in a swimming costume all day

It brings me satisfaction to know that I can be on swimming gear all day and no one will ask me. I feel very excited because I swim and bask at the summer sun. When am not swimming, I bask out on the sun wearing sunscreen and shades to enjoy the beauty of nature. Sipping a glass of juice on the beautiful beach scenes is a great experience close to none. 

Camping and bonfires at the beach

We usually plan with friends to camp and have bonfires at our favourite beaches. Telling stories and enjoying the warmth and occasional breeze of summer evenings is beautiful. We are able to make crazy goals and target higher objectives due to the motivation that comes with such an experience.

The many road trips

I personally count summer as my holiday season. This gives me the chance to explore different parts of the world. I, therefore, travel extensively either alone or with a group of friends. I already plan ahead not to miss these road trips in the summer season. I am intrigued by the fact that I must travel every summer season and explore the world. 


 In a nutshell, these are some of my favourite things during summer. I know I am not alone in this because there are people who enjoy similar experiences. They make me yearn and long for summer seasons and can’t wait for the next one. 

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