Five cocktails everyone should try

The five cocktails that everyone should know

Cocktails are good and you need to know the best of them. Although there are many brands of cocktails, there are those that remain at the top of the list. They are known for their spectacular taste and their ability to satisfy. Some are popularly known while others are not. In this article, we will discuss the five cocktails that everyone should know.

1. Espresso martini

This is one of the favourite cocktails for most people. It is high caffeinated and this makes it dear to the lovers of coffee. It has properties that keep you energized which makes coffee lovers to feel taken care of. It is a bit sophisticated and has a frothy layer which you can enjoy sitting somewhere. The flavour of this cocktail alone will impress you because it is distinctive. A splash of bailey and espresso will make you feel really good.  

2. Rum punch

This is one of the best weekend treats that you can ever have for cocktail. It is a combination of sweet and sour flavours which makes it a dear drink to many. It is a fresh juice that gives you a good experience. Even after a long week of work, this cocktail is a good way to welcome and live in the weekend mood. It is best served with quality golden plus the dark rum to give you a refreshing taste. The good spicing brings a mellowness of complexity. 

3. Mojito

It is one of the best summer season drinks. It is usually a mixture of zesty and sugar plus other carefully done spices. It is a winning drink that can easily be combined with white rum to make it better. Lime and cooling soda water brings to it absolute flavour and you can’t avoid this delicious cocktail.

4. Pimm’s 

This is another favourite drink enjoyed during the summer season. It has plenty of cucumber and mint leaves that can be noticed even before you see what is in the glass. Sprinkling tiny seeds into the drink makes it even more sensational. Oranges and strawberries are added to make the cocktail even better. It is one of its kinds and can be enjoyed together with friends.

5. Cosmopolitan

It is one special cocktail characterized by a fancy twist of champagne splash and finished cocktail. You can even feel the taste of citrus components presented in the drink. It is a combination of sour and sweet flavours which makes it exceptionally tasty. If you are keen while drinking it, you will notice a resemblance of tequila and vodka and this cocktail can easily replace them. 


If you have been wondering which are the best cocktails, this article has answered your question. It has detailed for you the five best cocktails that you should be aware of. 

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