Why vitamin D is so important during the pandemic

Why vitamin D is so important during the pandemic

So many things have happened during this coronavirus pandemic. Due to strict social distance measures and being encouraged to stay at home, many things have changed. Order in scheduling activities have been altered, some schools have been closed most people are not even getting out due to the fear of contracting the virus. As we all know, vitamin D is brought by sunlight and that is why it is commonly known as the sunshine vitamin. In this article, we will discuss its importance especially during the pandemic.

It will prevent bone deformities in children

Lack of sunshine leads to lack of vitamin D and the bones of children are at great risk. Most people re fearing to take their children out in the sun for the fear of this pandemic. They should be informed to find an alternative of getting their children to receive as much sunlight as possible. They can open their windows and take them in the immediate compound to enjoy the sun. This will prevent the children from developing bone complications which might lead to conditions like rickets. 

Regulating the amounts of calcium and phosphate in the body

These two elements are very important in strengthening bones and teeth. That is why you find out that some adults have lost bone density and it’s a terrible complication. They may weaken and their bones develop severe pain in the process. The problem is traceable to deficiencies of vitamin D and that is why they are advised to source it diligently even during the pandemic to avoid weakening. 

Enhances health in infants

Small children will need immunity than ever before. We have heard from the ministry of health that this pandemic is attacking and ravaging people whose immunity is weak. In this case, the health of infants needs to be boosted through vitamin D and this may prevent the occurrence of even severe complications like blood pressure in children. 

Reducing the chances of cancer

Vitamin D is known to influence the expression of genes that are responsible for the development of cancer. To integrate vitamin D in plenty especially during the pandemic is an honourable thing. One should ensure that it is accessed by all means to avoid chances of contracting cancer. 


In conclusion, there are very many benefits that are tied to vitamin D. sources have it that the vitamin supports the management of diabetes through the regulation of insulin. Together with the detailed benefits above, it is justified to say that vitamin D is very vital especially during this pandemic. 

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